About us

MSCO Group Company P.J.S a leading copmpany that offers the high quality security equipment & devices with partners & businesses all over Iran, Was launched in 2004.


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     MSCO Group Company, P.J.S., a leading company in the field of security systems that offers the high quality security equipment with partners and business all over Iran is launched in 2004. Our mission is to re-imagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. The main factors for our success are our esteemed and dignified suppliers and our focus on improving and distributing qualified products. Our operations are highly responsible and we as a team execute the projects with excellence for growth. Our human resource is a group of trustful experts all trained in the field of security systems. Our R&D department is always looking for individual clients' requirement. We offer the ,products that suit the clients' needs and professional technical support during and after the warranty period. It keeps the esteem of our client at top. We offer a high quality  service supplying security installers, technically aware end users, property maintenance and facilities management companies.


     At present 37 specialists are working at MSCO Group Company. We are proud to state that our engineers in the sales department, After Sales Services, Quality Control, and Warehouse can support our customers in the best way. Our engineers are specialized in the field of electronics and they are all trained in the security systems. Our personnel are young and full of energy; the average age in our company is 30. The youngest person is and the oldest is 44. We believe that the power of young can make everything possible. Our development in human resources are significant in number and quality.
It changes from 4 persons to 37 persons from which 18 persons are electronic engineers working in different departments. Some of our colleagues have been graduated from PHD and MA in the field of management and MBA.
Majid Mozaffari General Manager
Our development in the market is due to our team work, loyal customers and reliable suppliers.
Company Profile Fields Of Activity
Our company, MSCO Group, has been developed very fast from the very beginning. We provide a large number of security systems such as CCD, Automation gate operators, Rechargeable Batteries, UPS, Fire Alarm systems and so on.

We aim to distribute all the security products with the highest quality and the most suitable prices through an expert sales network and we provide after sales services, guarantees and warranties to support our customers in the best way. 


To achieve these goals we equipped ourselves with the following: 

  • Developing from Ltd to Pjs.
  • Increasing the registered capital.
  • Inspecting our company by reliable Inspection Companies.
  • Certification Informatics ranking from the president of Programming and Inspection.
  • Cooperating with the most well-known consular.
  • Having a formal Organization chart.
  • International registration of our Logo in Switzerland.
  • Membership in different chambers of commerce and industries.
  • Expert Sales network.
  • E-marketing.
  • Publication of complete price list session by session.




  • Being compatible with the modern technology of the world
  • Selecting the knowledgeable and experienced human resource
  • Training and developing human resources
  • Well cooperating with the customers to fulfill their needs
  • Providing aftersales services for our customers and getting their feedbacks regularly
  • Choosing the high quality products according to the predefined standards
  • Choosing the powerful suppliers from all over the world in this field
  • Establishing an implement and installation department


  • Providing products with high technology
  • Being more popular not only in Iran but all over the world
  • Working according to the world class of quality standards
  • Content Management
  • Utilization of more value added personnel



We provide profit for our stockholders, identity for our human resources, confidence for our customers and trust for our suppliers.

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